"Renee has honestly changed my life! I started seeing Renee when I was 19, I had no confidence or passion to train and was extremely vulnerable with my appearance! Renee taught me the importance of feeling strong and healthy instead of the desire to be skinny. She was by my side while I lost 50kgs, keeping me on track every week and showing me there’s always light at the end of the tunnel! Now I’m about to turn 22 I’m feeling stronger than I ever have, building muscle, loving my training and fuelling my body with nutritious foods and she’s still there being my biggest supporter!"

- Abby 
"There are good trainers, there are great trainers, and then in a different universe there’s Renee Hinks. You could never meet someone more bright, energetic and hardworking; and it’s so infectious.I met Renee already with a fairly good baseline of fitness, but she completely transformed my strength and energy, and sparked me out of a plateau that I didn’t realise I was stuck in. She gave me so much confidence and made my muscles the happiest they have ever been.She is positive, she is passionate and she’s going places - and you would be crazy not to join in on the ride."

- Carmen
"It’s not often you come across a trainer who constantly challenges, motivates and empowers their clients. A trainer so inspirational that you can’t even put into words the impact they have had on you. Renee is this and so much more. It’s not only in the passion Renee has for fitness but also in her clients success that she has fostered a community that supports, encourages and keeps you accountable to ensure you reach all your goals. Renee is determined, hardworking and above all caring, that whether your goal is to build strength, work on weaknesses or just work up a sweat she will provide you with the tools, knowledge and experience to get you there. I cannot speak more highly on how Renee had changed my mindset, improved my wellbeing and above all shown me how capable I am. She is truly amazing!"

- Tara
"I cannot talk highly enough of Renee. I have been training with Renee for a year now, and each session, she ensures I am pushed to the best of my abilities, while ensuring the session is personalised and manageable to my capabilities. Renee is always friendly, bubbly, and supportive, while simultaneously, remaining professional and greatly skilled in what she does. I have seen considerable changes in my mental and physical health this past year thanks to Renee. She is a wonderful PT, and I cannot recommend her enough. I look forward to my sessions with her every week, despite knowing how challenged I will be."
- Hannah
"Renee’s genuine interest in my strength, health and fitness improvement is something I’ve never experienced with any other trainer. She makes you feel comfortable and supported at all times, whilst pushing you to your limits! So happy with my results, can’t put into words my appreciation and thanks for Ren and the team!"

- Erica